Why I am long $TWTR

(Disclosure: Anything said in this article is NOT investment advice) There are number of reasons why I like Twitter, the platform. Its a treasure trove of useful content and nice way to get a pulse of what’s happening in the world. But most importantly, it feels different to use Twitter as compared to other social…More

Keep dancing while the music’s playing

This week we saw two back to back blockbuster IPO’s in DoorDash and Airbnb. The valuations, already sky high at the listing price, reached celestial limits with the first day pops. The NYTimes published a nice piece on the euphoria we’re witnessing in 2020. Not just in public markets, VC’s and private market investors are…More

Is it a bird? a plane? Naah, its just $BTC

We have a ‘Comeback of the year 2020’ nominee finally! #Bitcoin is back from the dredges after the bubble popped in 2018. And it has caught our attention one more time. If something is up more than 300% in a year it deserves a closer look, right? If you look at the google trends results…More