A Tsunami of Savings

2020 was one of those years statisticians and economists like to call ‘an Anomaly’. Millions of people all over the world lost their jobs and got laid off temporarily as the global economy nosedived into one of the greatest recessions ever. The biggest component of a GDP, private consumption or spending, plunged as we were…More

The cost of reducing uncertainty

‘Nothing is certain’ might be the only statement we can say with certainty. We don’t know what the next day’s going to bring. Maybe not even the next hour. We can only ‘expect’ what it would turn out like. ‘Not knowing’ or uncertainty about the future makes us uncomfortable. At times its driven by our…More

This week’s best – November 15

As promised, I would be sending you the articles, newsletters and other content I thought were most interesting. This is the first of those weekly posts. What I’m reading: The Big Lessons from History – Morgan Housel Morgan is one of the best financial writers of this generation in my humble opinion. In this post…More


Twenty-six years in the making. Yes. That’s how long its taken me to publish my first blogpost. Although I’ve been quite active on various social media platforms lately and have openly expressed my views on topics that interest me, I realised I needed a different channel for my thoughts, one where I could say what…More