Sprints and Marathons

The world of sports teaches you many life lessons. Trying to beat my own 5K time recently, I wondered if I was approaching this the right way. Was this a sprint? Did I take up running to get to this personal record time? Or was it a marathon? i.e Did I take this up as…More

The ex-post world

24th July, 1964. DCW Jones, a waterworks engineer in Aberfan, Wales sends a letter to a colleague expressing concern. He’s worried about the danger of coal slurry in a mountain of coal waste being toppled and turning into an avalanche and putting the lives of young schoolchildren studying at Pantglas Junior School at the base…More

The principle of Stupidity Aversion

We believe the key to keep winning must involve a complex set of solutions or steps. But most of the times, it is as simple as just…DON’T BE STUPID. It is one of the most powerful principles and comes in many shapes and forms. Let’s take a look at some of those. The idea is…More